Unforgettable Appetizers
Memorable Recipes for any Occasion

Unforgettable Appetizers

Memorable Recipes for any Occasion

Unforgettable Appetizers are memorable recipes for any occasion.   The cookbook includes 100 theme-related recipes that are easy to make and designed for a

  • Fiesta Gathering
  • Soul Food Feast
  • Healthy Living Gathering
  • Fresh Seafood Party
  • Meat Lovers Buffet 

Recipes also include a variety of--

  • Dips and Spreads
  • Bread and Rolls
  • Desserts and Drinks, and much more.

Recipes consists of Ranch-Style Angel Eggs, Dill Salmon Spread, Mini Fried Corn Bread, Cheezy Cheese Bowl Appetizer, Cold Spaghetti Salad, Little Mac & Cheese Delights,  Show Stopper Asian Tacos, and Unforgettable Cinnamon Apple Torte, to name a few. 

Award-winning caterer and restaurant owner, Cassandra Harrell put together an assortment of unforgettable recipes from her party appetizer collection when she catered to national and local clients including celebrities, politicians, and recording artists to name a few.

Cookbook Extras Include

▪  Over 100 Quick recipe and cooking tips from the Kitchen

▪  Pre-planned party menus

▪  Cooking Articles - Including giving old recipes a new life, healthy cooking article, and cooking solutions to and common cooking and baking problems.

Customer Benefits

▪ Plan stress-free parties and get-togethers with memorable recipes

▪ Put together theme-related recipes for family and friends

▪ Select from 100 recipes that are easy to make and your guests will love.

If you’re looking for a cookbook that offers creativity, a new flare, and amazing flavors designed for any occasion, this cookbook is for you.


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Reviewed By Michelle Stanley for Readers’ Favorite –9-9-2014

Unforgettable Appetizers, Memorable Recipes for Any Occasion is an interesting southern cookbook by Cassandra Harrell. There are many unique theme related recipes that will be just perfect for any function you’re planning. These include: Soul Food Feast, Fresh Seafood Party, Healthy Living Gathering, Dips and Spreads, and Meat Lovers Buffet. There is a Measurement Conversion Chart and Cooking Spice Guide to help you use the accurate ingredients. Why not try Cassie’s Catfish Nuggets, Stuffed Turkey Twisters, or the Mini Barbecue Pork Sandwiches with Old Fashioned Coleslaw. Quench your thirst with Big Mama’s Tea Punch and Sparkling Cranberry Orange Punch. There are a variety of tempting recipes that will become favourite crowd-pleasers.

I think Unforgettable Appetizers, Memorable Recipes for Any Occasion is a small treasure trove of delicious, easy to prepare recipes. The photos of mouthwatering dishes enhance the appropriate recipes. Cassandra Harrell spent time preparing this book, which includes general cooking and baking tips that will help make the food preparation successful. You will appreciate the section called Tips For Setting Up A Buffet Table. The author offers useful information on decor, the correct selection of utensils and do ahead tips that will convince guests that their host’s organizational skills are excellent. Persons watching their weight will certainly appreciate the Healthy Living Eating Tips that complement its aforementioned theme. One of my favourite sections is the Sweet Appetizers Platters, but overall, I think all the theme based recipes are wonderful and I intend to try them myself.



Listen to what others are saying about the cookbook on Amazon.com

“WOW! This book has foods for all occasions. I was really amazed by the detail on how to fix cornbread bites, Cassy’s Catfish Bites, Cold Spaghetti, and various types of cakes, pies. This cookbook has it all…you should purchase Unforgettable Appetizers.   This book is Impeccable!”  AuThenia  Ellis    

  “This is a great cookbook. I have personally tasted their cooking for over 20 years. Their hands are blessed with a touch of Grace. I would highly recommend this cookbook for the mouth-watering recipes.” Carolyn Conley

“I love cookbooks that have easy with quick recipes and this book is loaded with them! The appetizers can also be main dishes. I love the tips.” L. Harrell 

“I was the hit of the party! So many years of being the designated pop supplier to the family functions, I've been trusted to bring homemade dishes (like the dill salmon for example) I have a secret weapon, unforgettable appetizers has proven its valuable worth. I am grateful to the author of this book.”  Yolanda Williams  

“This book is my go-to with every get-together, birthday party, & holiday!!! There's nothing better than easy, delicious apps & this book has a great variety!!!”  Christy Wallace

“Lots of good recipes and helpful hints. A must have cookbook. Can't wait to try all the recipes especially the creamy shrimp one.”  Donna Atkinson

“The recipes in unforgettable appetizers are delicious and unique. Definitely a must have! There are so many great ideas throughout the cookbook. It's perfect to have in your kitchen for any occasion.”  Tasia Steel

If you’re looking for a cookbook that offers creativity, a new flare, and amazing flavors designed for any occasion, this cookbook is for you.


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