Dr Kings Dream
Black History Month Tribute

What Would he say if he were alive today?
Dr Kings Dream

Making King’s Dream a Reality
By Cassandra Harrell, Soul Food Advisor

“always develop an internal sense of security that no external situation can remove."

Riots. Poverty. Racism. Unemployment. Homelessness. Inequality. These are just some of the social malignancies that plagued Black American life from slavery on through the 1960’s, as the same issues that Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., devoted his life to correcting and erasing.

Today, these social ills continue to afflict teaching, preaching, and message of Dr. King are just as fresh and relevant as ever.

We must never forget the sufferings and sacrifices that were made by history makers like Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. He promoted freedom and equality and wanted economic and social justice for all. He would never condone riots, but he would at least understand the rage at the deplorable conditions that caused the riots.

Dr Kings Dream

One might wonder what the Nobel laureate would say to use today about the on-going social problems of the nations. Those who knew him and his dream and those who are students of his teachings and leadership would say he was the foundation of our people and have not doubt he would offer sage advice.

He would probably say let provide jobs, improve housing conditions, demand affordable, accessible health care, and promote better communication with police and other law enforcement agencies. Respect all citizens--rich or poor, black or white--must be the rule. Dr. King would focus on the on-going struggle to achieve full equality of opportunity at all levels in the classroom, in the workplace, in recreational and social environments, and in the political arena.

He would urge us to go back to the old teaching of love thy neighbor as thyself-even our brothers and sisters who have resorted to crime. The fellowship of God, the church prayers, and faith teach us that we could survive whatever problems that are brought upon us.

Dr Kings Dream

Dr. King would preach that we should do away with violence and replace it with love. He would tell us to keep drugs out of our schools, homes and communities and replace them with strong minds and the will and determination to succeed. Dr. King would still insist as strongly today as he did in 1963 that African-Americans have a stake in this society and that we must be equal partners in a transformed, more just society.

Dr. King would have no fonder hope that our full commitment to protecting the dreams and opportunities of all our children. Dr. King would want us to believe in ourselves, be proud of our heritage, commit to world’s peace, and never let anyone’s else’s attitude diminish our self image. He once said “always develop an internal sense of security that no external situation can remove.”

None of us will ever be a Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., however, we can take his example and leadership and try to make his dream a reality.

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