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Soul Food Recipe Newsletter
August 05, 2014
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Monthly Recipe Newsletter, Special Edition

August, 2014


They’re Here!
Unforgettable Appetizer Cookbook
Has Arrived

The printed edition of Unforgettable Appetizers, memorable recipes for any occasion has arrived. The cookbook includes 100 theme-related recipes and over 100 quick recipe and cooking tips throughout the cookbook. Recipes are designed for a: Fiesta Gathering, Soul Food Feast, Healthy Living Gathering, Fresh Seafood Party, and Meat Lovers Buffet.

Recipes also include a variety of Dips and Spreads, Bread and Rolls, Desserts and Drinks, and much more.


The Jackson Sun did a feature story on the cookbook. This story also made USA Today! please check it out: The Jackson Sun Feature

Order the printed edition by
August 10, 2014 and
Receive an Autographed Copy of
Unforgettable Appetizers

Order Your Autograph Copy Today!!


Unforgettable Appetizers also has a new Facebook page. Please visit and Like this page and share with your Social Media Friends. Please Like our Facebook Page


Cassandra Harrell is an avid soul food lover and the author of Soul Food Lovers’ Cookbook and Unforgettable Appetizers

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