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Best Holiday Recipes
Add a Little Twist to Your Holiday Meal
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How to be Your Own Best Cook

Maybe someone you know need a little help in the kitchen this holiday season—if so then download your free copy of this e-book and tell your friends to do the same!
How to Be Your Own Best Cook


Best Holiday Recipes

Great holiday recipes are right at your fingertip. These traditional recipes have been around for a while and are absolutely delicious. They work well during your holiday meal and for your New Year's celebration.

Chicken and Corn Bread Dressing

Collard Greens

Deb's Lemon Chess Pie

Red Velvet Cake

Old-fashioned Banana Pudding

Southern Pecan Pie


Add a Little Twist to Your Holiday Meal

In addition to the traditional Christmas meal, turkey and dressing, baked ham, and sweet potato casserole, my family and I decided to do a little something different this year.

Instead of having people bring traditional dishes, we decided to bring more appetizers to the table. Oh I'll still make my popular collard greens and turnips (some things never change) however, I will also prepare ranch deviled eggs, smoked salmon spread, and sweet potato cake along with a few other things that they don’t know about yet. My husband is making his famous barbecue smoked turkey served on mini dinner rolls. Absolutely delicious!

My niece won't be making her hot buttered sweet corn casserole, instead she is replacing it with her popular stuffed cheese and spinach mushrooms. My baby sister is making a new recipe she put together, sweet chili meatballs. Oh we still plan to have a traditional, holiday meal just with a little twist. This offers variety and brings some fun to the menu. I’ll let you know how it all turn out!

For great appetizer recipes for your holiday meal, please visit the link below:
Great Appetizers


Cassandra's Holiday Baking Tips

· Always use the best ingredients: Unsalted butter, pure vanilla, and other extracts, fresh unsalted nuts, eggs, good chocolate, and cooking spices that have not expired.

· When baking a pie or cake, allow eggs and butter to become room temperature before using. If butter is too cold or too warm it can change the temperature of the dough or batter and can alter the baking time.

· Make sure you have measuring spoons, cups, appropriate bowls, and cooking supplies in one area before you start cooking.

· Store cookbooks and recipes that you will use most often in front for easy access.

Watch for more cooking tips next month!


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