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Thank you for your dedication and support to Soul Food Lovers’ Newsletter. I really enjoy putting the newsletter together and hope you have benefited from it.

You have enriched my life by allowing me to come into your home or office each month with Soul Food Lovers’ Newsletter. Thank you for your comments and cooking stores about recipes you have prepared from several editions.

I wish you and your family a safe and enjoyable holiday season! May God continue to Bless you!

Cassandra Harrell, Soul Food Advisor


Your Holiday Newsletter will be arriving shortly!

Your Holiday Newsletter will be arriving shortly with great holiday recipes.


A Great Holiday Gift

Soul Food Lovers’ Cookbook has 250 recipes from three generations of southern cooks. I am a third generation cook. This Cookbook makes a great gift for family and friends and is wonderful to give along with whatever gift you already have.

Many have packaged Soul Food Lovers’ Cookbook to give as a gift along with blenders, hand mixers, utensils sets, cookware sets, and to special cooks on your holiday list.


Today I have a Special Proposal for you!!

If you purchase Soul Food Lovers’ Cookbook, I will send you my mother Mamie’s Historic Holiday Jam Cake and Boiled Custard Recipes--Absolutely Free.

I just found these recipes in her private collection so they are not on any website, there’re not on any food or cooking blog, or in any newsletter. I have never published these recipes before. My mother made these recipes every Christmas when I was growing up. These recipes are historic and this may be the only time they will be offered.

I had to really think long and hard about giving these recipes away. They are very personal to me and they hold special holiday memories. But I have decided to share these Historic Recipes with you today?


Let Me Tell You a Little About
Mamie’s Holiday Jam Cake!!

This cake has ingredients such as allspice, cocoa, jam, raisins, pecans, and it make one- four layer cake, or two-two layer cakes. You can make one then give one to a friend. This makes a great food gift this holiday season

Second, a special fruit juice is made especially for each cake layer. This keeps the cake moist and delicious.

Third, a thick, homemade icing covers this cake made with sugar, evaporated milk, coconut, and pecans.

The best part is that you can make this cake 4 to 5 days before you plan to serve it. This jam cake is absolutely delicious. Hummmmmm.

Now About
Mamie’s Homemade Boiled Custard!!

It’s just that “HOMEMADE.” The custard is made with two kinds of fresh milk along with just the right amount of flavored extracts and holiday spices. This gives the custard a slightly thick texture with a delicious flavor.

Nothing in the stores can duplicate this. A very easy recipe to make and it goes perfectly with Mamie’s Holiday Jam Cake.

Now you see why it was so hard to part with these.


My Holiday Proposal to You

For a Limited Time, I am Offering Soul Food Lovers’ Cookbook for Purchase to Newsletter Subscribers.

Your online order must be placed by Tuesday, December 15, 2009 to guarantee delivery before Christmas. I will personally mail Mamie’s Historic Recipes with your order.

If you order the cookbook in E-book format, (Only $9.95), I will personally email Mamie’s Historic Recipes to You.

Mamie’s Jam Cake and Homemade Boiled Custard Recipes well exceed in value the price of this cookbook. These recipes are absolutely free with your cookbook order.

Don’t Let This Special Offer Pass You By - Add These Historic Recipes to Your Holiday Recipe File.

Order Soul Food Lovers’ Cookbook today and receive Mamie’s Historic Holiday Jam Cake and Boiled Custard Recipes--Absolutely Free.



Cassandra Harrell
Editor & Soul Food Advisor
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