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Thanks to all of you for joining us. We invite you to send comments, suggestions, and ideas on what you would like to see in this newsletter.

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Look for our new cooking videos on soul food advisor in the next few weeks. Watch how to prepare popular southern dishes with these quick and easy videos.


I'm Still Waiting! Share Your Favorite Holiday Recipes

Do you have holiday recipes that you just love to make? It may be your famous caramel cake or your to- die-for sweet potato pie or your famous plum pudding recipe that everyone seem to rave about.

Well, if you’re been making old favorites like these for years and have been getting good results, we want to hear from you. Please share these wonderful recipes with everyone and I will include them in this newsletter.

Come on just dig them out, I know you have them!

Please send us your favorite holiday recipes.


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By now I know most of your are enjoying your free e-book. If you haven’t downloaded this free e-book, its still waiting for you. Several hundred people have already received their copy and we have received numerous comments. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced cook, this e-book has something in it for you no matter what your level of cooking. So download your free copy today and tell your friends to do the same! Try it, you have nothing to lose.
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Soul Food Lovers’ Cookbook is now available in E-Book form. This great book has over 250 soul food recipes and it has easy to follow recipes. Read some of the reviews for this cookbook. And, check out the new webpage here:
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Check out our Dessert Recipe Feed that loads new and delicious recipes twice a day 24/7. You can gather a nice collection of recipes just from this daily feed. Check it out here:
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News You May Want to Use

I am happy to announce that Soul Food Lover’s Cookbook has just finish a third printing since it was first published in 2007. This book has really gotten around and is still on the go. I still do book talks and signing and receive lots of positive comments. There are 250 recipes in this book and it makes a great gift and it also has wonderful recipes for the holidays.

When you own Soul Food Lovers Cookbook you own a piece of soul food history. All of you who have ordered a copy know exactly what I’m talking about.

Soul Food Lover’s Cookbook is also in e-book form with even more recipes.
Soul Food Cookbook


What’s Your Spice this Thanksgiving?

What spices do you use in your dressing for Thanksgiving? I like to use ground sage and poultry seasonings. They seem to go hand and hand in making a good dressing. My mother always used some sage but not very much. She let the flavors work from the chicken she made which included celery, onions, and green peppers.

If you use sage just be very careful not use too much because it will slightly turn your dressing a green color which is not the way old-fashioned dressing should look.

Below are traditional and southern-style Thanksgiving recipes:








For more exciting recipes visit Soul Food Recipe Center


Cassandra's Turkey Day Cooking Tips

· Plan your Thanksgiving menu and cooking schedule ahead of time

· Shop early for hard to find items

· If planning a buffet or pot luck this Thanksgiving, made sure everyone know in advance what they are suppose to bring

· Start gathering your Thanksgiving recipes now so you will have easy access to them later

· Most of your meal can easily be cooked the day before-utilize that time well

Want More Turkey Tips?

Also, watch for more exciting tips next month!



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Cassandra Harrell is an avid soul food lover and the author of the new Soul Food Lovers’ Cookbook with 250 easy-to-follow soul food and southern recipes from three generations of Southern cooks. Throughout the cookbook you’re find helpful cooking tips and fun recipe stories about the dish.

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