Delicious Gift Giving Ideas

Hey Soul Food Lovers! Welcome to the fifth edition of our special Holiday Newsletter. Every week leading up to the holidays, I will be sending you this newsletter to help you prepare for the holidays. So sit back and enjoy!


Delicious Gift Giving Ideas

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During the holiday season, people love receiving homemade food gifts from your kitchen. These gifts are less expensive than going out and purchasing bought gifts. AND PEOPLE WILL ALWAYS REMEMBER YOU FOR IT. I know this is true because I give my family food gifts every year and believe me they look forward to receiving them. My sister don’t remember the expensive sweater I gave her two years ago, but she still talks about the food basket I gave her last Christmas.

Below are a few ideas for soul food gifts for your family and friends this holiday season.

Soul Food Care Basket: Include assorted dessert bars with an additional small gift such as movie passes or tickets to a show, concert, or sporting event. Use their favorite hobby as your guide. Example --golf balls for golfers, CD’s for music lovers, puzzles, word games, etc. You get the idea. Include a holiday card in a decorative package.

Holiday Breakfast Box: Make low-fat granola breakfast bars and place them in a decorative cereal bowl, add a small cup of pre-packaged fruit, and boxed fruit juice. Place all items in decorative box with a personalized card.

Decorative Soup Mug: Purchase a large decorative soup mug then stuff with homemade soul food goodies like dessert bars or holiday fudge. You could cut the bars into miniature pieces. Package it for holiday giving.

Cake Platter Gift: Purchase a nice cake or pie keeper as a gift and inside include their favorite soul food homemade pie or cake.

Chef’s Holiday Gift Box: Include assorted dessert bars, cookies, chocolate balls or fudge. Add cooking gadgets, such as utensils, kitchen linen set, pot holder set, or cook’s apron. Place items in a decorative box.

Soul Food Lovers’ Cookbook: Give the gift that everyone will love! The cookbook itself makes a great gift or you can place the cookbook in a decorative basket along with a homemade recipe from the cookbook. The cookbook has a large selection of assorted desserts, delicious appetizers, and homemade candies and will compliment any holiday basket. The perfect gift for people who love to eat.

To give you an example of the food baskets that I have prepared, I use recipes from my new cookbook including Salmon Spread, Southern Apple Torte, Peanut Butter Candy, Salted Nut Candy, Rum Ball, Big Mama’s Butter Roll, and Homemade Pound Cake. These recipes makes great gifts and people love receiving them.

For people who love pie, you can make mini versions of several pies such as pecan, chess, and sweet potato. You can also buy mini cake pans to make pound and bundt cakes.

If you are giving gifts to go along with your food items, make sure the gifts you purchase are of good quality, in excellent taste, and something that the receiver will enjoy.

Great recipes for these and other gifts can be found in the Recipe Center on Soul Food and in Soul Food Lovers’ Cookbook.

Happy Holidays!


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