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Hey Soul Food Lovers! Welcome to the third edition of our special Holiday Newsletter. Every week leading up to the holidays, I will be sending you this newsletter to help you prepare for the holidays. So sit back and enjoy!


Holiday Appetizers

Great Appetizers for the Holidays

When planning your holiday party, make sure you have enough appetizers to go around.

I have put together a list of the top 12 soul food appetizers that seem to disappear fast. These appetizers rate high among partygoers and I promise if you love soul food, you’re going to love these appetizers.

Popular Soul Food Appetizers
Soul Food Appetizer Recipes
Soul Food Appetizer Menus

Another great source for homemade soul food appetizers is Soul Food Lover’s Cookbook. It include appetizers for seafood lovers, barbecue lovers, meat lovers and people who are passionate about cheese to name a few. Usually appetizers sections are small chapters in cookbooks with only a few appetizers.

But Not this one.

These appetizers take the guess work out of deciding what appetizers to serve because you have so many to choose from. You won’t have a problem deciding what appetizer to prepare--and they’re so easy to make and will satisfy even the most picky eater.

Here is a partial list of appetizers in Soul Food Lover’s Cookbook including:

Bacon & Cheese Mushrooms
BBQ Chicken Wings
Cream Cheese Appetizer
Creole Shrimp Appetizer
Holiday Cheese Ball
Garlic and Herb Spread
Low-Fat Cheese Spread
Mini Shrimp Tarts
Mini Barbecue Sandwiches
Parmesan Chicken Wings
Ranch Style Deviled Eggs
Salmon Spread
Party Wieners
Spinach & Cheese Ball
Pineapple Punch
Watermelon Punch,
and much, much more.

Read more about these appetizers in Soul Food Lovers’ Cookbook

How Many Appetizers Should You Prepare?

Allow 4 to 6 appetizers per guest if a meal quickly follows
Allow 6 to 8 appetizers per guest if a late meal is planned, and
Allow 8 to 10 appetizers per guest if no meal is followed.

Tips to Remember:

-- Choose an appetizer menu that your guests will love
-- Offer a variety of appetizers taking into consideration color and texture
-- Add a fresh fruit and vegetable platter to the table. This will appeal to everyone
-- The more you know about your guests eating habits, the better menu you can prepare
-- To keep appetizers hot, make sure you have enough oven space and warming plates to maintain their temperature
-- Make sure you have plenty of appetizers to serve everyone.

Start your holiday party off right. Plan your appetizer menu today and choose appetizers that everyone will enjoy.


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