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Hey Soul Food Lovers! Welcome to the second edition of our special Holiday Newsletter. Every week leading up to the holidays, I will be sending you this newsletter to help you prepare for the holidays. So sit back and enjoy!


Turkey, Spice and Everything Nice

What spices do you use in your dressing for Thanksgiving? I like to use ground sage and poultry seasonings. They seem to go hand and hand in making a good dressing. My mother always used some sage but not very much. She let the flavors work from the chicken she made which included celery, onions, and green peppers. If you use sage just be very careful and not use too much because it will slightly turn your dressing a green color which is not the way traditional dressing should look.

Tips to Dress Up Your Holiday Dressing Recipe

I like to add chopped onions, celery and green peppers right in the corn bread batter and baked until done. These vegetables give the dressing extra flavor from the very beginning. I think it also helps the dressing come together before adding the seasonings. There are also other ways to dress up your dressing this holiday season:

30 to 40 minutes before the final cooking, add chopped apples inside the bird then bake as usual.

Add chopped celery sticks around the outside of the dressing before cooking.

Add a can of cream of mushroom soup to the dressing mixture before the final baking.

These ideas add flavor, texture and make a very delicious dressing.


In the Food Light:

Chicken and Corn Bread Dressing Recipe
This corn bread dressing recipe is a great alternative to serving turkey and with this recipe you get homemade broth. The broth is really what makes the dressing and unfortunately when you make turkey in the oven, it does not produce enough broth to make good dressing. So if you want to try something different this Thanksgiving, try this recipe.

Collard Greens Recipe
A great collard green recipe. Also tips on how to purchase, prepare and suggestions on serving collard greens.

Candied Yams Recipe
A traditional recipe especially during the holidays. Goes well with chicken dressing and collard Greens.

Old-fashioned Macaroni & Cheese Recipe
Everyone loves mac and cheese especially during the holidays. This popular recipe is served on many southern tables all over and is often prepared as a side dish.

Orange Sweet Potato Pie Recipe
Growing up, this pie was a favorite in our house. My mother made it quite often and the smells of cinnamon and nutmeg was apparent throughout our house. Make sure you don’t leave out the grated orange peel. It makes the pie deliciously different. Try it!

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