The New Soul Food Cooking Experience

Old Fashioned Peach Cobbler


My three soul food cookbooks have sold exceptional well over the years, mainly because I have included more than just recipes. My cookbooks have been an important soul food learning experience for many because all my cooking and recipe tips and techniques in these cookbooks have helped people become better cooks.

I feel great recipes are only a small portion of the cooking experience. Teaching others how to prefect those recipes are what people will talk about for years to come.

You can read more about these cookbooks on My Cookbook Page and hopefully you will add these cookbooks to your collection. These recipes and soul food advice have been used with great success by family, friends, home, and professional cooks. My three cookbooks include more than just recipes; they include over 100 cooking and baking tips, cooking techniques, and soul food advice on ways to improve your soul food cooking including:

Pre-Planned Soul Food Meals
Practical Cooking and Baking Tips to save time in the kitchen
How to Put Together Cost-Effective Menus for Special Events
Proven and Effective Cooking Techniques
Solutions to Common Cooking and Baking Problems
Healthy Living Eating Tips
How to Give Old Recipes New Life
My Personal Cooking Experiences and Fresh New Recipe Ideas
And much more…..

Please share this website with family, friends and social media. Hope you enjoy your stay!

Cassandra Harrell
Cookbook Author and Soul Food Advisor

Soul Food Cookbooks