Famous Food-Inventors

These famous food-inventors have made preparing great food a lot easier.

In the 1700's French Fries were introduced to the colonies by Thomas Jefferson

In 1756, Mayonnaise was invented by Duke de Richelieu's chief

In 1762, the Sandwich was invented by John Montagu

In 1853, George Crum, An African-American chef, invented the potato chip

In 1856, Condenser Milk, received first United States and English patents by Gail Borden

In 1871, Oleomargarine was patented by Henry W. Bradley

In 1886, Dr. John Pemberton invented Coca-Cola in Atlanta, Georgia

In 1904, Iced Tea was first sold at the St. Louis World's Fair, Richard Blechyden

In 1908, Tea bags were invented by Thomas Sullivan

In 1927, Kool-Aid was invented by chemist Edwin Perkins

In 1949, invented Cake mix for commercial use

In 1958, Tatar Tots were trademark and registered

In 1962, Instant Mashed Potatoes were invented by Edward A. Asselbergs

Luther Burbank was an American plant breeder who developed over 800 new strains of plants, including many popular varieties of potato, plums, prunes, berries, trees, and flower plants. His greatest work was in 1871 when he invented the Russet Burbank potato also called the Idaho potato. Burbank was a great food-inventor.

George Washington Carver was a former slave, American scientist, educator, and humanitarian. Carver developed hundreds of products from sweet potatoes, peanuts, pecans, and soybeans. His discoveries greatly improved the agricultural output and the health of Southern farmers. Carver was a great food-inventor

Innovated Kitchen Inventions
Innovated kitchen inventions that have helped improve the lives of southern cooks.

In 1810, A Metal Can (or canister) for preserving food was invented by Peter Durand

In 1850, Joel Houghton patented a Wooden Machine with a hand-turned wheel that splashed water on dishes

In 1858, The Can Opener was invented by Ezra Warner

In 1870,The Can Opener was improved in 1870 by William Lyman

In 1878, the Cream Separator was invented by Dr. Gustav De Laval

In 1884, the Milk Bottle was invented by Dr. Hervey D. Thatcher

In 1886, the first practical Dishwasher was invented by Josephine Cochran

In 1894, Joseph Lee, an African American, made improvements to the Dough-Kneading Machine. His intended for the machine was to be used in large houses or hotels

In 1895, Joseph Lee, an African American, patented a machine for making Bread Crumbs

In 1896, John Thomas White received a patent for an Improved Lemon Squeezer Famous Food Inventors

In 1922, Stephen Poplawski invented the Blender

In 1925, the modern-day type Can Opener (using a serrated wheel) was invented

In 1927, Otto Frederick Rohwedder invented the Automatic Commercial Bread Slicer

In 1928, the Bread Slicer was improved by Gustav Papendick

In 1932, Plastic-Coated Paper Milk Cartons were introduced commercially

In 1946, the Microwave Oven was invented by Percy LaBaron Spencer

In 1964, Plastic Milk Containers were commercially introduced

I am so thankful to our inventors for their wonderful creations.

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