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====================================================================== is devoted to soul food cuisine and an online resource for soul food and southern cooking. Whether you’re new to southern cooking, or just want to learn more, the website offers sage advice and practical information including:

How to prepare great African American cuisine
Cooking and Baking Tips Center
How to put together a menu for special events
Practical tips for busy cooks
Informative Resource Center, and
Regular and low-fat recipes, just to name a few

Fueled with the author’s experiences, inspiration, and fresh ideas, provides a spirited and exciting new perspective on African-American cuisine.


First Time Visitors - Welcome!

If you’re new to visiting this site, the best place to start is the Site Map. You can then read the brief history of African American cuisine. This will help you understanding what this website is all about and why it’s a part of American history.

You will also discover that this website has more to offer than just recipes. We also have several informative articles that will help you plan fabulous events to delicious meals for your family.

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Soul Food News-Center
The Soul Food News-Center includes the latest on web page updates, quick cooking tips, new recipes added, food facts, new articles, special guest feature, and much more. Check it out!
unforgettable appetizers
unforgettable appetizers memorable recipes for any occasion
New Soul Food Cookbook with Treasured Recipes
New Soul Food Cookbook with Treasured Recipes
Southern Recipes - How To Be Your Own Best Cook
A free cooking e-book designed to help your prepare great southern recipes.
Special-Occasion-Menus offers sage advice on planning a special occasion. I will show you how to put together a good special event menu.
Easter Menu and Recipes, What's Your Favorite?
Favorite Easter Menu and Recipes
Recipe Center
A Collection of Soul Food Recipes
Cooking and baking tips,
A selection of Cooking and baking tips including a measurement chart
10 Low-Fat-Breakfast Menus
10 Low-Fat-Breakfast for busy schedules. Also include 3 quick soul food take-out breakfasts with a recipe for Low Fat Peanut Butter and Jelly Granola Bars.
Cassandra's Soul Food Blog
<P>My blog about soul food and southern cooking.
Choosing Soul Food Spices
Choosing Spices Wisely is the backbone of soul food cooking. It brings out the true flavors in soul food recipes. Also, learn how to properly store spices for maximum use.
Site Map
Site Map for Soul Food
Soul-Food-History is what soul food cooking is today. Learn how African American slaves prepared their meals and the problems they encountered.
Create Your Own Unique Soul Food Cooking Style
In four easy steps create your soul food cooking style - a style many will envy!
Appetizer Recipes
Popular Appetizer Recipes used at Soul Food parties. Includes hot wings, soul food spaghetti, mini smoked sausages in bbq sauce, and many more. Includes a Soul Food Party Menu.
Top 12 Soul Food Appetizers
Popular Soul Food Appetizers including hot wings, spaghetti, bbq meat balls, stuffed mushrooms....
Soul-Food-Low-Fat-Recipes includes Oven Fried Chicken, Low-Fat Carrot-Raisin Salad, Reduced-Fat Macaroni & Shrimp Salad, and Low-Fat Southern Crumb Cake to name a few.
Lower Your Grocery Bill
Ways to lower your grocery bill
Time-Saving Tips-For-Busy-Cooks
Time-Saving Tips-For-Busy-Cooks offers ideas for saving valuable in the kitchen. Learn to organize your time in the kitchen to be time well spent.
Streamline Your Soul-Food Recipes
Slim down with soul-food, low-fat cooking. Make delicious meals for your family without the fat.
Soul Food Lovers Newsletter
Soul Food Lovers Newsletter features original soul food content emailed to you each month. Also include new columns, Spice up your Soul Food, and Best Soul Food Recipes, cooking tips, interviews,
How to Design a Menu With More Appeal
Tips on how to design a menu that your guests will rave about
Collard-Greens Recipe with easy tips
Soul-Food List by Category
A list by category of Soul-Food used most often in homes across America
Contact Us
Contact Us regarding soul food cooking with comments and ideas that are important to you. Just complete the Contact Us form and remember this is your time to speak.
How To Select a Menu for Your Soul Food Event
Practical advice on selecting a menu for soul food event
Latest Food Trends in African American Cuisine
Discover the latest food trends in African American Dining
Media Release Soul Food Cookbook Features Easy to Follow Recipes
Media Release announcing new soul food cookbook
A Black History Tribute to Heroes of Yesterday
A Special Black History Tribute to Honor African American of Yesterday who paved the way for all Americans to have a better life.
Black Inventors and Inventions
Black Inventors created several food and household inventions that are still popular today.
Black History Menus
Preplanned Black History Menus ready to use for your Black History Events
Soul Food Cuisine
A Special Celebration of Soul Food Cuisine and African American-Style Cooking
Popular Soul Food Dishes Among African Americans
Popular Soul Food Dishes and Cooking Methods Among African Americans
Black History Buffet Menus
Preplanned Buffet Menus Ideal for Black History Events
Soul Food Links
Soul Food LInks from the Soul Food
Black History Maker Earl Harrell
2007 Black History Maker and Everyday People
Super Bowl Recipes
Super Bowl Recipes including game nachos, crab football spread, super bowl buffalo wings, and much more...
2007 Black History Maker Cassandra Gaines
200-7 Black History Maker Cassandra Gaines
Black History Tribute to Soul Food Chefs
2007 Black History Tribute to Soul Food Chefs
Dr Kings Black History Tribute
A Black History Tribute to Dr Kings Dream
Black History Recipes - African Heritage
Black History Recipes from the African Heritage Collection
Black History Recipes - African Heritage Collection
A Black History Collection of African Heritage Recipes
Super Soul Food Vegetables- and why they're good for you!
Learn to prepare healthy soul food dishes without salt and fat.
9 Easy Steps to Soul-food-barbecue by BBQ Expert and guest Earl Harrell. Earl gives step-by-step instructions on how to barbecue a pork shoulder and make great pull pork sandwiches.
7 Easy Steps to Barbecue Chicken
BBQ Expert Earl Harrell gives step by step instructions on how to Barbecue Chicken.
Add Zest to Appetizer and dessert-recipes
Perk up your Appetizer and dessert-recipes and discover the deliciously difference your food will taste. Offer ideas for making old appetizer and dessert recipes come alive.
10 Ideas for Serving Leftover Easter Ham
Take advanage of your leftover Easter Ham with these exciting recipes and ideas.
Easter Ham Recipes
Famous Easter Ham Recipes for your Easter Feast
My Biography reveal my background and my first cooking experience. Also discover what my top soul food sellers were when I owned an award-winning soul food restaurant and catering service.
Does Your Cake Baking Measure Up
Key elements in good cake baking to ensure a quality cake every time.
Black History Month Celebration
Black History Month Celebration
Soul Food Breakfast Recipes
Popular Breakfast Recipes including Big Mama’s Southern Delight, Country Pancakes, Breakfast Sausage Casserole, Southern Fried Bologna, to name a few.
Readers Poll
A Readers Poll designed to help us serve you better.
Privacy Policy
Privacy Policy
My Labor Day
My Labor Day Celebrations and a quick meal without the labor
Carolyn Shelton - Black History Maker
2007 Black History Maker Carolyn Shelton
10 Homemade Kitchen Soups that Warm Your Soul
Warm Up This Winter with 10 Homemade Kitchen Soups
Soul Food Picnic and Family Outing Menus
Popular soul food picnic menus designed for picnics and summer parties
Southern Cooking - Traditional Terms Used Most Often
Traditional Terms Used in Southern Cooking
Halloween Recipes
Halloween Recipes including Sweets and Treats
African American History Month A Celebration
African American History Month A Celebration
Black Eyed Peas
Black eyed peas is a southern favorite that provide a high level of energy and a good source of Vitamins A and C.
Holiday Recipes
Your favorite holiday recipes form
One Pot Meals - A Meal in Itself
One pot meals are putting several ingredients into a single vessel and cooking them together.
Business Owner Helps Connect Others to Soul Food Restaurants
Business Owner Helps Connect Others to Soul Food Restaurants
Carolyn Shelton - Caterer, Cooking Teacher and Etiquette Consultant
Carolyn Shelton - Caterer, Cooking Teacher and native of Carencro
Cassandra Gaines Founded the National Soul Food Cook-Off
Cassandra Gaines Founded the National Soul Food Cook-Off
cookbook-fundraising-program - earn up to 50% profit for your group
Cassandra's Soul Food Blog
<P>My blog about soul food and southern cooking.