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“It’s not how well you follow a recipe, but how well the recipe turns out. The end result makes all the difference”. is devoted to soul food cuisine and an online resource for soul food and southern cooking. Whether you’re new to southern cooking, or just want to learn more, this website is an outlet to help you improve your cooking and make great soul food dishes.

Why Soul Food Advisor?

Because for over forty years, I have stood in front of a stove, either at my home or professionally as a caterer. As a southern cook, my authentic family recipes are influenced by my parents and a grandmother, cooks who didn’t have cookbooks, but who verbally handed down instructions for making their cherished dishes.

Soul Food Advice Column

Each week, I will feature a “Soul Food Advice Column” on this website, and will cover such topics as:

How to Prepare Great Soul Food Meals
Practical Cooking and Baking Tips to save time in the kitchen
How to Put Together Cost-Effective Menus for Special Events
Proven and Effective Cooking Techniques
My Personal Cooking Experiences and Fresh Recipe Ideas

I will also share experiences running a catering business in Wisconsin where I fed thousands during sporting events, conventions, trade shows, music concerts, and ground-breaking ceremonies as well as operating a soul food restaurant.

My goal in doing Soul Food is to assure that your soul food dishes are your very own masterpiece—dishes that people will rave about for years to come. There are many special elements in preparing great food, but I feel that learning how to season your soul food is most people’s biggest challenge.

Just remember, it’s not how well you follow a recipe, but how well the recipe turns out. The end result makes all the difference. is not a recipe site so recipes that you may see on this website are only discussed for training purposes, or to make a point regarding recipe ingredients. As I discover great soul food recipes on the internet, I will share them with you.

My Best-Selling Southern Cookbooks

This website is the home of my best selling cookbooks, Soul Food Lover’s Cookbook: A Treasured Collection of Recipes from Three Generations of Southern Cooks and Unforgettable Appetizers: Memorable Recipes for any Occasion. Also, please check out my new cookbook, Soul Food Advisor, Recipes and Tips for Authentic Southern Cooking that was just released in September. Hopefully you will invest in my cookbooks as these recipes have been used with great success for many years by family, friends, home, and professional cooks.

Please tell your family, friends and social media about this website then invite them to visit for soul food advice and recipe and cooking inspiration. So go ahead, look around. Hope you enjoy your stay!

Cassandra Harrell
Cookbook Author and Soul Food Advisor

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